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Great Eats With Great Ambiance

A better way of living STARTS ON YOUR PLATE

Bringing people together over delicious, healthy meals.

Blue Food Company

Blue Food Company's Purpose

At Blue Food Company in Chicago, IL, you can enjoy delightful dishes that will benefit your health and an environment to promote longevity. Influenced by the centurions diet which includes parts of the world, from Ikaria Greece, Sardenia Italy, Nicoya Costa Rica, Loma Linda California and Okinawa Japan, our menu includes primarily plant-based meals with options to add meat if desired. Blue Food Co. aspires to bring the most authentic tastes with many imported flavors . Our seating is meant to bring guests together to promote a better dining experience with intimate or group seating, to share meals and various wines, enjoy small healthy snacks, a peaceful working enviorment to drink a cup of coffee or tea with free WiFi and earthy colors.

We have designed our space to be used for gathering such as birthday parties, small receptions, showers, cooperate meetings, childrens events, or family functions with many different ways to customize the menu and option to add wine or beer. Our catering menu is also constructed to accomodate any type of event, with many ways to personalize the menu to each guests needs. At Blue Food Company were on a mission to spread the Centurion way of life, with healthy plant based balanced meals, organic whenever possible, earth sustainability and advocated for an all around happier life filled with love and purpose. 

Blue Food Company is a counter service restaurant that offers carry-out, delivery, small events, dine-in and catering. Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-8:30pm and Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm. Closed Mondays

All advance orders can be called in, or emailed at [email protected]. We suggest large catering orders to be made at least 24 hours in advance. Gift cards are available for purchase. We are here for you and our community, holding firmly the integrity of our concept, food quality and as always in a sanitized environment. We want you to know that we are committed to the health and safety of our guests; you are all family to us and are taking all precautions necessary to protect you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @bluefoodcompany for updates and daily specials.

One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience

When you dine at our restaurant, our family-friendly and people-friendly staff will welcome and greet you with a smile. We also have an aesthetic ambiance and a spacious atmosphere complete with tables and chairs to foster a conversational environment. People can come and eat together with their friends and family while enjoying a sumptuous feast.

Try Our Delectable Dishes

If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, it’s time to indulge in our flavorful plant-based dishes!

Blue Food Company
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